Our Story

We always knew there was an issue with dating apps that pitched faces against one another – sooner or later requirement for better looks increases, leaving many bewildered.

We look at dating in the same way as if you met someone at a bar, looks may not be the most important thing during that initial reaction.  A cool T-Shirt or the way she is dancing might be the attribute that caught your attention.  Based on this logic we embarked on designing Katch.

Video only approach to dating

Picture profiles do not give the viewer a real understanding of how that person looks today, in fact many people interviewed after going on dates via other apps say that the person they were meant to meet looked nowhere near their lovely profile picture. 

Also many people interviewed were afraid before going on dates, as they were worried how the person would actually feel when meeting them for the first time.  Katch does away with this; we present you topics and members just answer the question via a 10 second video. Members can add 4 videos per profile (30 frames per second = 1200 frames / images in every profile).

Free to Use – Tip Us

Everyone dislikes being asked to pay a monthly fee to use a service fully. Our strategy is to provide a great service which delivers, if you like it – then tip us to say thank you.

Learning Algorithm

Our algorithm has nothing to do with swiping or likes, its 100% driven by personality, group consensus and well known dating parameters. We think outside the box – all of the time.

Support & Parties

By offering the service for free, we expect to engage a lot more with our members to achieve the best results. We also aim to visit cities to provide “meet up” sessions for members.