Society would lead us to believe that the right looks and a confident aura is the key to finding the perfect partner.

The truth is that this is not the case. In general people require a personal mix of a number of traits to be right in order to fall in love. This is not to say that a charismatic man or a beautiful lady won’t win you over at a drinks party, but to achieve more people seek an array of traits at correct levels.

We all have heard the phase “he is out of her league”, well this would mean that she is beautiful and he is not (or vice verse of course). But for some reason they are together and are happy. We can only understand this by stating that their requirements are completely different to one another. Another way is by saying this is; that on face value they don’t match but on paper they do.

At Katch we have adopted this same scenario into our group rating system and matching algorithm, in this way the people we recommend will make you at ease when you meet – making success far faster as mathematically they match.

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