Users have learned to accept this as being the norm

In the majority of dating around the world, men have to do 98% of the initial work to initiate interaction. So if you take that number and apply it into the online dating space, you see the amount of work men have to do. Compare this to a hook up in a public place, where you are at the bar for example ordering a drink and you just say hi to the lady on your right – conversation flows and you do all things right to make her laugh and get her number. Everything happens there and then – 30mins max.

Current online dating systems require men to like enough faces, receive likes from similar members, message them, message them again and again – with the result being 0.5%. This means out of an initial 200 likes you will actually physically meet approx 1 person. To put this into time lines will probably take up 30 hours of work glued to your phone.

In person is the way to go

Unfiltered video is so close to seeing that person for real, so when we recommend suitable dates that match your personality – we believe the results will achieve the same as if you met that person in the bar.

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