Men would like women to look their best but not to become someone they are not.

Across Instagram, Tiktok, and even on dating services, women are the highest users of filters. These filters are used to make themselves look more beautiful and hopefully receive more subscribers / likes.

We at Katch want members to relax and be themselves so others can enjoy the real you. We kind of correlate this when making a conscious decision like driving home, normally people like to do this sober. This is the very same with looking for a date with someone – we tend to gravitate towards people we can understand. Filters make it super confusing for people to make the correct decision as the person we see is no where near the person in real life.

So lets say we still can’t convince you to stop using filters over images or videos; well sooner or later the real you will have to meet the real him. I am guessing that its not that easy to bring those cute puppy ears or those sparkling stars with you on the first encounter.

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