Charisma vs Looks

We embarked on the journey to create a real dating service for all and not just for good looking people. How many times have you seen a photo and thought one thing to only later meet that person in real life and think another?

Unless you have a super mathematical imagination, you are not going to be able to assess a person’s charisma, humor, sincerity or body type from a photo of their face.


We have been monitoring the dating industry for a few years now, but over the last few months of the Covod-19 pandemic we feel a massive change brewing within the industry. People really want to use online services but the results are not what people want, demand for better “faces” are increasing and new technology acceptance is seamless. You can see this by the amount of dating accounts deactivating and reactivating, also by the numbers using numerous dating apps on a daily basis.


We know there is a cultural shift happening with the industry to the migration of where dating algorithm’s really work. We seen the same industry signals within the transition of VoIP in 2001 when Skype came out and from the migration to free tube services within the adult industry in 2004. Dating is changing and we are going to be one of the global drivers of this change.

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