Collaborate with Katch

We enable businesses, clubs, bars and interest groups to host get togethers events to facilitate their singleton members.

Why host events on the Katch platform?

Katch provides the perfect service that enables you to communicate with your members and also providing members a relaxed platform to find and interact with others.

No matter your personality, Katch makes singles happy - because it works!

How Katch for Business Works

Your Event

You decide the event you wish to provide, decide the fee to join, how often the event should be on, etc.

Social Marketing

We assist with the marketing of your event throughout the katch network and also help you how to market on your media.


We provide all the necessary support and training to help make sure the live event is a success.


After each event you will receive an event report, analysis and details of the payout timeline.

Need help with live performance?

You know what your members like, you have probably already had Zoom meetings already. So we suggest that you plan the performer internally. If you help with musicans or Djs then we can be of assistance.

How safe is Katch for our members?

All members are screened during registration with numerous verification requirements. All screens have report mechanisms which auto block and auto ban members if polices are violated in any way..

How much to charge members?

We recommend that initial events should be free of charge and then after that decide a standard fee and stick with this for a long period of time. Everyone like stability in pricing.

Assistence with event ideas

The Katch team are very creative so we can help come up with engaging events that will entertain your members whether its a Vegan Lasange Night or Best Silage Additive Session - we have experience that helps.

Get your business on Katch

Katch generates new revenues sources as well as
providing new exciting services to your members.