First off, Katch is not a normal “dating app” where you swipe left or right – its a service that gets (not finds) you dates which are appropriate for you.

This is not saying that Tinder is not a good service, what I am saying is that Katch works in far less time with a higher degree of accuracy. Its like saying you need to travel from Oxford to London. You could cycle there and it would take about 10 hours or you could take the train and be there in 40 mins. Katch in this case is the train.

There are 3 main features that make Katch different to Tinder and other swipey apps.

  1. Video ONLY – there are video options on other apps but they allow you to upload video and pictures. Katch only allows you to shoot video, this means you are always in the moment and real. The viewer then gets a real “today” view of the real you.
    • Some people could be afraid to shoot a video, we say look at TikTok and also look and the eventual requirement to meet that person in real life.
    • Some might say what about offence content and we say, we have a innovative solution to combat this.
  2. Group personalty consensus – Tinder and other apps build their matching algorithm based on swiping. With Katch we need to understand who the real you actually is first. We call this the “would the friends approve” scenario. I am sure everyone has heard the saying “I knew from day one that he was a bad egg”. This consensus approach creates the base standards from which to match people.
    • This consensus approach rates all personality attributes and not only looks.
    • You might think you are ok looking, but the group states that you are above average looking.
  3. Matching algorithm that hits the mark – the Katch matching service reviews the traits you desire and locates the correct matches with traits you have, while at the same time not overwhelming with hundreds of possibilities which have nothing in common with you. If you like men with loads of charm and humor then we present you with the most suitable.

Another way to state the difference is Katch does the majority of the work. Once your videos are added into the system, Katch works in the background to present the most suitable recommendations.

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Member Evaluation Process

Tinder = Looks only

Katch = Looks, Body type, humor, sincerity and charisma. All using the innovative Katch matching algorithm.

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