We believe finding love is just a mathematical equation

Using the katch algorithm of the right attributes like charisma, humor and looks, we can predict a perfect match as often as 90% of the time.

Video profiles lift your charisma

People fall faster for others when they can see the real you, so with video we achieve just that but also it enables the system to automatically assess your real compatibility with others faster.

Effective Social Science

If it looks like something, acts like something and the group calls it something then there is a high degree of chance that it is that something. The Katch algorithm works in the same way as this logic.

Less is more

You want dates not endless work swiping and searching. Katch aims to present you suitable dates as often as they become available. The do less and achieve more approach.

Our small team, right now.

It's easy to work 80 hour a week on Katch when you know the core of the service achieves dates for people. This dating service approach is a game changer and will disrupt the industry globally.
Paul Numan

Paul Numan


Fun, passionate and hard working with a light sprinkle of madness. Been around the bush a few times and know what makes an idea into an evolving business.

Tom Aliferov

Tom Aliferov


If beer could fly I would be on a plane to somewhere. Brains can only get you part of the way but with a common sense approach you can make the most common things look complicated.

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